La Spinetta – Italian Magic

Georgio Rivetti the infectious, energetic, and passionate owner and winemaker of La Spinetta winery recently passed through Phoenix. We got to taste, enjoy, and in some ways be part of the La Spinetta “family.” “La Spinetta” which mean’s top of the hill is appropriately named. All these wines are from Piedmont, in northwest Italy. Here are some of our favorites:


Barbera d’ Alba “Gallina” 2011: Barbera is the grape and Alba is the small region in Piedmont. Generally considered the “workhorse” grape, or everyday wine, this barbera is anything but common. This Gallina (vineyard’s name) is the tastiest barbera I’ve had since his phenomenal 2006 version. Smooth, warm, and round, with no sharp edges. My wine geeks just kept repeating, “this just flows….” Delicious at $42/bottle.


Barolo “Garretti” 2010: Barolo, the wine of Kings, is made from the nebbiolo grape.  Garrett is the name of a beautiful southern exposed vineyard. First of all, decant this baby, not because it is particularly tannic, but it needs to aerate. The Garretti Barolo is soooo much better about 15 minutes after opening; your last sip will be your best. It is concentrated and lush, yet approachable and age worthy. The Garretti is an old world wine with new world flavors. Barolo is expensive, at $70/bottle.


Moscato d’ Asti, “ Bricco Quaglia” 2013: La Spinetta’s first wine is so likeable. Is it the perfect aperitif? I think so, at only 4.4% alcohol……a day drinker’s dream. It is slightly sweet yet still crisp. with the aroma of fresh flowers, especially peach blossoms.  It will work perfectly for dessert too, $15/bottle.

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