Valentines Day Wine

Yes guys, it’s that time of year: Valentines Day.  Is it common knowledge that you can recover from relationship disasters (forgetting a birthday or anniversary) or a minor miscue (forgetting to take out the trash) if you nail Valentines Day.  Well, I’m gonna do my best to help you.

Step One:  Surprise her at work/home with flowers. I mean, get her flowers delivered somewhere she least expects it.  (Pretty good, eh?) I could probably be done right now because you’re gonna hit a home run with that advice, but this is a wine article.


Step two:  Try to get out of your own way and don’t screw up anything else.  Now the wines, I’ve broken this up into two sections: The first is Rosé because it’s the feminine color of love and it just screams Valentines Day and the second being Chocolate…. is there really any explanation needed?


Affordable Rosé:  Sauvion Rosé d’Anjou, Loire Valley, France.  Don’t confuse this with the very similar sounding Sauvignon Blanc or Cabernet Sauvignon. Sauvion is the name of the winery (why would they do that…isn’t wine confusing enough?)  This wine is mostly made from the Cabernet Franc grape. Candy pink color, off dry, light bodied and just plain petty.  On the palate, a hint of strawberries. $12 a bottle.


Expensive Rosé:  Veuve Clicquot Rosé Champagne.  Stunning, my girlfriend say’s I’m better looking when I hold this sparkler – I’m ok with that.  In a word, elegance at $75 a bottle.


Wine and chocolate really do go well together, especially dessert wines.  There are all levels of sweetness in both chocolate and dessert wines so I’m going to aim in a very general range of sweetness.


Affordable dessert wine:  Taylor 10 year Tawny Port – Sweet and smooth (just like chocolate) and always consistent. Simply, a superb value at $30.00 a bottle.


Expensive dessert wine:  Boston Bual Madeira – This fortified wine from the Portuguese Island of Madeira is not your grandmothers Madeira.  It is complex and smoky with just enough sweetness to make a great ending to a fine meal at $50.00 a bottle.

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